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  • Get features you want, not ones you don't
  • Get the support you want, when you want it
  • Get updates and modifications on request
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced hardware requirements & costs
  • Improve productivity and increase performance
  • Brand your software to fit your image
  • Integrate all your systems to work together
  • Improve confidence with ongoing training
  • Reduce compatibility issues

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The Problem

Everywhere you look you will see adverts for software packages to perform one or more tasks. Word processing, File creation, data processing, accounting, whatever your needs there's an off the shelf solution promising to improve your business processes and make your life easier. Whilst these packages do usually deliver the product they state, they are designed to attract as many customers as possible which leads to two main issues.

  • The software ends up bloated with features leading to poor performance and, in some case, poor reliability. Most users only use 10% of any major software package, however because this is a different 10$ for different users the feature count of main stream software packages ends up huge.
  • Features are only included if they are requested by a large number of people. Most users would like features that aren't included in their software but because they're considered "niche" they will never be included.

The Solution

The solution is very simple when you think about it, have your software custom made to suit your exact requirements. At Wangi Software we will assess your systems, the way you work and discuss your requirements with you until we are happy we can deliver exactly what you need. Our aim is to reduce the manual processes and solve the little problems that are the result of your software not doing what you need it to do, or not performing the way you want it to.

The Cost

The first response when you mention custom software is usually the same "That's for bigger companies than us, we can't afford it" but it's simply not true. The total cost of ownership of custom made software is typically less than off the shelf products over the life span of the product. When you factor in reduced man hours, improved productivity and removing the need to upgrade to the latest version every time you want to update your systems the savings can be significant for both small and large organisations.

For organisations on a tight budget we have a range of pre-built off the shelf solutions which can be modified to your requirements, offering significant savings on completely customised solutions.